Sparrowhawks  CONSERVATORY

Well... Ive ordered my Conservatory a little bit. As usual. Im trying to write something about the music and the origins of the respective band. What is new: I also deal with the lyrics of the respective bands as far as i can. Of course, I cant write a major text interpretation about each and every song - to be honest: Im not willing do do anything like that; I hated text analysis at school already... probably because I had to do it till it made me sick - but Im trying to give give a very rough overview. Of course, whatever Im writing, be it about the musik or about the lyrics, is just my own point of view.
BTW: I introduce the albums with their songs - so, whoever is looking for old songs can do some research and check out the album on which the song that is being looked for was released - but I do not offer music for download.
The CD-covers serve exclusively illustrative purposes, and they are no advertisements. If there is a band or their management that wishes the respective covers to be removed, please let me know by email, and I will take care of the matter.