Clear Sight

The dust has settled
The smoke has cleared
The veil has vanished
The blur has disappeared

It took some time
To overcome the pain
To overcome the chaos
To see and think clearly again

Back then, shortly after
I wondered about options
About what could or might be
Even about a second attempt

This was the last time
I was wrong about her
There is no way back, no second try
There is no way back, re-entrance denied

My core is sealed
Built-up are the shields
The walls stand erect
Far and wide, hard to ram down

That one wonīt care
Too focused on herself
Justifying her deeds
Disinterested in what she does to others

That one wonīt care
She is not honest
Always wearing a mask
Only telling others what theyīd like to hear

The dust has settled
The smoke has cleared
The veil has vanished
The blur has disappeared

After some time
And with a Clear Sight
I looked through the mask
And saw the ugly face of lies and selfishness

I see how it works
I saw that inner core, fortunately not mine
I donīt like it, I turned my eyes away from it
I drew the consequences

Revelation of the truth
Where her lies prevailed,
Tearing her veils apart
With my blade of honesty.

Itīs now my turn not to care - about her
Itīs now my turn not to give a damn - about her
For after all what happened, after all she did
Iīve earned the damn right to have this attidtude - towards her.

I got up at this Crossraods, ending my rest
I walked the only way left,
Away from that person
As far away as possible.

It is behind me, with one wound left to tend to
No matter how hard, I will go that way, determinedly
No need to remain where I am
No desire to return to former paths

The Heart full of Doubts
Cast off this burden like a rag
Hard truth was a relief
The wind that blew away the fog

Where the way leads to is unknown
But moving forward
Is an improvement, worth the effort.
Forward into certain uncertainty !

(Đ Sparrowhawk, Juni / June 2005)