I went through highs,
I went through lows
Screamed pleasure sighs,
Went down by blows

But what you did
Outshines it all
´Cos of you I slid
To my deepest fall.

You promised me truth
It was only a lie
Just like your excuse
And your try to deny.

You called me a treasure
You said that you cared
It was just for your pleasure
In fact, nothing we shared

My feelings for you
They were all real
But you were not true
What a super-bad deal

You said “Let´s be friends”
´Cos you had changed your mind
No thanks, not again
Will I that blind

Never changed was your mind
It was always the same
I was just a pass-time
“Us” for you was a game

So, my care for you
Has been turned to dust
´Cos you´ve never been true
And that shattered my trust

Fly away, go to hell
And never come back
You played your game well
Now just keep off my track

With you I am done
With you I am through
I´m no toy for your fun
I don´t care about you !

Farewell, Lady Falcon, farewell !

((c) Sparrowhawk, November 2001)