Heart full of Doubts

In a time long gone
Down in the depths of darkness
Someone came across my way
Someone very special

My soulmate I found
The age of a high flight began
Up into brightest light
The age of wonders

Things seemed so perfect
Longing to see each other again
Being in each other´s arms
Oh cruel time, why did you fly by so quickly ?

All of a sudden
With no sign or trace
The big surprise
Everything ended

My soulmate I lost
The age of a deep fall began
From highest heights and brightest light
Back into the depths of darkness

There may be someone else
Another day, another time
Whoever this is – things won´t be
Like they were with my soulmate

The perfection I had with my her
The levels I reached with her.
I will almost look for these.
It probably won´t last.

Can there be a return ?
Can there be way back
Can there be a new beginning ?
Can there be a second chance ?

This hope is faint and weak
A new beginning ? A second chance ?
Just a definite "maybe"
In a faraway future, unforeseen.

So many maybes
So many ifs
So many uncertainties
So many doubts

And even if fate
Brings us together again
Grants us a second attempt
We will have changed until then

Despite the common ground we were on
Despite the similarities we shared
Despite the same wavelength we had
Despite the mutual understanding

The way it was it could have lasted
The way it may be – no one can foresee
The way it will be – just another uncertainty
Far away, remote, unseen

© Sparrowhawk, Dezember / December 2004