There is a ship out on the seas
Battling with the wind and waves
Searching for special place
A place to rest and to rebuild.

The seas are hard to navigate
The rocks are sharp, dark is the night
Beams that seemed to come from a guiding lighthouse
Turned out to be a fenfire, nothing for real.

The ghostlight was like a siren´s call
Hopeful appearance, full of promise
Beckoning to follow what is sent
Just to lure another one into disaster

There´s no safe harbor from the growing waves
There´s no sanctuary to seek refuge
There´s no shelter from the brewing storm
There´s no storm´s end.

Despite the massive damage caused,
Despite its hull leaking, the ship went on
Remaining afloat, with list, but not sinking.
Finally getting free, but still with jetsam

Another light reflection can be seen
Somewhere dim and distant what, is it ?
A lighthouse leading to temporary shelter
Where repairs can be made despite the raging storm ?

Is it just another siren ?
Is it just another ghost-light ?
Is it just another mirage ?
Is it just another illusion ?

Which direction will be taken ?
Will this new light be followed ?
Will the ship be steered away from it ?
The course is yet unknown.

(© Sparrowhawk, November 2005)