Memory Track

In much better days
You wrote me a song
When we first parted ways
Asking what went wrong.

Now Iím looking back
On a time gone for long
Going down Memory Track
While Iím reading your song.

These fine lines you wrote
In a time far apart
In days now remote
These lines moved my heart.

A short time we knew
Yet fell quickly in love
I was so missing you
When we were apart.

Our difference of age
Brought us many a-frown
I stood up in rage
And your friends fought us down.

You wanted your peace
Peace wasnít at hand
So you bade your release
Wanting me as your friend.

There seemed no way out
That first time we parted
Letís be friends with no doubt !
We agreed a-wholehearted.

This still brought us frown
But we could be strong
There was no fighting down
And nothing went wrong.

Then we had the chance
To be re-united
Thanks to one of your friends
I was so excited.

The next night we shared
Was a night full of wonder
Filled with all love and care
Which should make us stronger.

But after this night
You suddenly altered
Dealt me strike after strike
My affection, it faltered

You came up with lies
And many an excuse
I never knew why
I was looking for clues.

Till this very time
I was never a fake
Never told you a lie
Was that my mistake ?

No, that cannot be !
For when to people love
They both must believe
In each otherís heart.

Then without much ado
You quit me again
Made me feel like a fool
Yet sought me as friend

You hurt me again
And you, too, I hurt
You gave my heart pain
I hurt you with my words.

I said that Iíd hate you
But that was not right
For the first time I knew you
I told you a lie

ĎCause I needed my peace
But with you around
Iíd be just full of tears
Peace could not have been found.

I drove you away
By hurting you more
Made you full of hate
Sought to settle the score.

I was pain-stricken, blind
Heart and mind full of doubt
When I was unkind
Of which Iíve never been proud.

We both had our share
We both played our parts
Of being unfair
To each otherís hearts.

Our love days are gone
Can we ever be friends ?
After what we have done.
On us both it depends.

In Summer days long
From those days apart
Iím reading your song
And it still moves my heart.

((c) Sparrowhawk, Mai / May 2001)