There is a Time

Different times our lives do hold
Different times in which to act
Different times for different things
Different times to take our opportunities
Different times to make mistakes and learn from them
Different times to speak and listen
Different times to live and learn
Different times to grow

There is a time to speak, they say
Yet, from time to time, I wonder
Is there any sense in speaking
When my input is refused ?
Nonetheless, I tried to speak
I spoke time and time again
But the ears I spoke to, they were deaf
Ignoring everything from without

There is a time to listen, they say
Yet, from time to time, I wonder
How can I be able to listen
If the air is silent ?
Nonetheless, I tried to listen
Offered my ears all over again
Yet, I did not stand a chance
Against a voice that did not speak.

There is a time to grow, they say
Yet, from time to time, I wonder
How come that there are people
Who refuse any development ?
Growth, it has to come from within
But true development is different
It lets you recognise the times
To appreciate a helping hand

There is a time to help, they say
Yet, from time to time, I wonder
What sense does lie in offering help
If anything offered is turned away ?
I tried to help you, to assist you
In each and every respect
I took my time, was there for you
Just to be sent back into the wilderness

There is a time to learn, they say
A time that lasts for as long as you live
Unless your pride does strike you blind
Unless your haughtiness bars your sight
You make mistakes, you´re no exception
Despite your illusion of perfection
And since you´re struck-blind with all your pride
You refuse to learn, repeating your mistakes

There is a time to live, they say
Yes, there is, until you die
The crucial key to live your life
Lies within you, nowhere else
Opportunities, yet, will arise
And most of them come from without
Many chances never seen
For you´re struck blind with your refusal

There is a time to change, they say
Life is indeed a constant change
It is a part of the entire process
Of making mistakes, living, learning, and growing
All of this is what you refuse
You let all great opportunities just pass by
Captured by pride and high self-expectations
Start changing, start growing… start growing up, at last

(© Sparrowhawk, Dezember/ December 2004)