Why ?

It was you and me, and the stars above.
In sweet, sweet moments, I gave you my love.
Then, out of nothing you made me cry.
Suddenly you quit and said bye-bye.
I donít know why.

You struck at me, more than I can tell.
And for no reason you put me through hell.
What you did cannot be justified.
You hurt me deeply, deepest down inside.
I ask you why.

I donít know if you were ever true.
You had my heart, and broke it into two.
You treated me like a goddamn fool,
A used and broken, then discarded tool.
Please tell me why.

Now all I want is just to forget
And deep in me I only feel regret.
If I had known all about this before
Iíd never have let you through my door.
Do you know why ?

The price I paid for this was way too high.
The pain outweighs the joy I felt inside.
I never want to go through that again.
Memíries once sweet now bring back only pain.
I can tell why.

Sky of stars above or pitch-black dark.
Never again will I give you my love.
Though some things may heal well over time.
What I once gave you cannot be revived.
And I know why.

You claim that you still want to be my friend.
But can I trust you ever once again ?
You changed my love into hate, itís true.
And still you say I mean the world to you.
I wonder why.

(c) Sparrowhawk, April 2001)