General Info

37 Earth years ago, I was born under the sign of Gemini. To be precise, it was on June 11th, 1972 (not 1072, Saargirl *grin*). They say that opposites are especially strong within Gemini-born... which is the only thing of all that astrology rubbish that applies to me. Just a random hit. What do the zodiacs mean, anyway ? Just primitive charlatans resort to the stars... that´s nothing compared to true magic.
My name in real life is Peter. I have no siblings (who said "spoilt only child" ? *grins*). You can see pics of me in my Travelogue.
Oh, and before someone asks: I'm happily taken.
Reading is one of my hobbies... yes, I´m a book-worm. Typically magician, eh ?

I also like listening to music, and my taste covers a broad range of genres, as can be seen in the Conservatory. I don't play any instrument, however.
Apart from that, I´m interested in football (or soccer, as the North Americans say), but just passively.

And I like playing. No matter if card games, dicegames, board games or computer and video games. This is a pure hobby of mine, i.e. I never gamble for money. When I´m online, I'm currently playing STNE, but, with friend of mine, I also play real-time strategy games, such as Dawn of War - Soulstorm or Company of Heroes.

Cooking is also a hobby of mine. No, your eyes did not fail you, I like cooking and preparing the meal, most preferably when I have guests (especially when I´m being visited by a lady ). I am, however, too lazy just to cook for myself. Until today, no one has ever complained about my cooking, and yes, all my vict... um... guests are still alive.

As FINSTERHAWK, I present a music show for Darkpleasure Radio 2x a week. The path that leads to the radio site will be opened to you in the Worlds´ Chamber.

What else am I doing ? I studied English, American Studies and History at Ruhr University Bochum from where I graduated after passing my Master´s exams in 2000.
After this, I got drafted and joined the German Air Force, because of which I spent a very nice year with GAFTIC (German Air Force Tactical Training and Instruction Center) in Goose Bay / Canada.
After my air force time, I did further job training, this time in the IT industry. I also used to work as a freelance instructor , and I was a part of the team that produced the PC role-playing game The Devil Whiskey.
Currently, I'm indirectly working in the sales care department of a telecommunication company.