Who and what I donīt like

  • All those stupid people who just don't appreciate me. Your loss, not mine !

  • Dishonesty, lies, lame, excuses, vileness, betrayal, arrogance, recklessness, fanaticism.

  • Morons who think that they can still drive when they are drunk !

  • Football / Soccer:
    FC Bayern Munich

  • Literature:
    Terry Pratchett (hi, nimue), Andrew Harman, and bad translations.

  • Music:
    Techno, Rap, HipHop, Dancefloor, those hideous cover versions of good old songs.

  • TV:
    bad movies, Big Brother, the whole talkshow crap that is shown in the afternoons.

  • Politics:
    Communism, fascism, (national-)socialism, "political correctness," red-tape bureaucracy.