Quotes by and about me

To make it possible for you to get a better picture of me, I´m quoting some friends and acquaintances of mine... and I´m also giving you a little sample of my humo(u)r.

Quotes about me

Junges, "You´re a cheeky rascal."
-> Yes, I know. So what ? I stick by it, and I´m proud of it. After more than 17 years, however, this is something you know.

sk1, "I´m glad that I´ve won you as a friend, for you were a cruel enemy."
-> aaaaaw, and I wasn´t really warmed up, back then... but I prefer you having as my friend, nonetheless.

sk1, "peter, your cruelty is unparalleled."
me, "What have I done again, now ?"
sk1, "nothing, you´re just godly."
-> Godly ? *laughs* If you now tell me where all the temples are in which my disciples worship me, I´ll start believing it...

lexi, "Hm, well, under certain circumstances, it can be indeed bad to know you."
-> Yes, but only for those consider me an enemy. Apart from that, I´m just fooling around, my dark padawan

Gott Wotan, "I had, once, a war with Comaran. It wasn´t a nice thing, at all."
-> Aw, I enjoyed it *laughs* Well, the way things have developed afterwards, is much better.

Me, "Hehe... we played a joke on Tim. lexi logged into the chat with her account, bit it was me who was chatting all the time."
toxgi, "And he didn´t notice the evil humo(u)r that suddenly came from lexi ?"
-> Not "evil," dear toxgi, but DARK

toxgi, "how good it is that you´re my friend and not my opponent"
-> any more words to say about this ? *grins*

igiul, "Comaran, you´re a crazy dog"
-> As though I didn´t know myself, but thanks for confirming me

Katzenmoni, "You´re a master of evasion."
-> Yes, this fact is well-known to me.

Katzenmoni, "You´re just... simply impossible."
-> This fact, too, is well-known to me.

Quotes by me

Gott Wotan, "If stupidness made beautiful, I´d flirt with Hawk."
Me, "If stupidness made gay, you would have done that long ago."

Wolpi, "Can you stand up to rivals ?"
Me, "I don´t consider you a rival, at all."

Suse, "You´re pretty mean."
Me, "I know,"
Suse, "Are you, at least, ashamed of it ?"
Me, "No."

Me, "Hey, did you eat nicely ?"
Keksi, "No, I was rearranging a couple of things."
Me, "Ah yes... from the fridge into your belly."

Discussion on the rules of "The Devil Whiskey":
Jon,"I suggest we give the female dwarves a beard."
Me,"Oh yes, and let´s give them dicks, too, so they can fuck themselves when their husbands are out on another campaign."

sk1, "I´d really like to meet Sean Connery, Humphrey Bogart (why does no-one ever say it to me ?)"
Me, "OK... the next time I see you, I´ll say ´Humphrey Bogart´ to you."
(and yes - I made my "threat" come true).

sk1, "<- has a huge ego"
Me, "oh... it´s called "ego" nowadays"
sk1, "what´s your name for what I call "ego" ?"
Me, ""being lippy""

What I say about me

I´m neither dear, nor sweet, nor nice - I am, however, the king of the mean, the nasty, and the insufferable.

I´m a person whose opposites are in high gear... I can be your best friend or your worst enemy... the choice is up to you. I´m flexible.