Links zu Browserspielen

We, the mages, not only read or conduct many experiments. We also like to play from time to time. I introduce a few browser games where I hang around.

Merlinīs Heirs 2 Merlinīs Heirs is a battle game, too, and it is quote similar to the Virtual Battlefield. However, Merlinīs Heirs also has a role-playing part because character development is very important in the game. Iīm registered there as Finster Magolich
Merlinīs Heirs is available in German only.

Omega Day
Omega Day is a strategy game in a science fiction world, in which you can be conqueror, merchant or just a pirate. Here are also various races that have their respective advatages and disadvantages.
Omega Day is available in German and English.
Rakuun Rakuun is a strategy game in a science fiction world. To win, you need, with help from your alliance, to build a space ship as quickly as possible to get away from the planet youīre stranded on.
Rakuun is currently available in German only.

The Undiscovered Land
TUL is currently being developed. When its development is done, it will be a strategy game in a setting located in the early modern age, and its goal is to conquer a huge empire of islands. However, it will offer other possibilities and it will be more interesting than other island-based games I know. What I can say with certainty now is that the game graphics with be outstanding.
TUL is currently not available, at all, and when itīs released, which is estimated to be at the end of 2005, it will be, for the time being, available in German only.
In The Virtual Battlefield, you can tease each other with virtual pranks. You can find me there under the nick-names Sparrowhawk-BKC (my battle account) and Finsterhawk-KDA (my chatroom account)..
The Virtual Battlefield is available in German only.
Time of Knights and Castles Time of Knights and Castles is a browser game in a medieval setting in which you can plunder and conquer opposing castles.
The game is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Polish.
Utopia is a strategy game in a fantasy world in which, depending on the race you play, you can and need to apply various strategies. I donīt play Utopia anymore due to lack of time.
Utopia is available in English only.