Friends and pals

Dotti is a funny young girl with whom I fooled around quite often... however, I also appreciate our serious talks.
Dragonwizard The site of dragonwizard, a pal of mine from Austria. When do we meet on the battlefields of Erathia ?

This GREY SHE-WOLF is crazy for cookies *grins* and this makes her probably the only one of her kind. Go to her lair - she is very friendly and doesn´t bite you. A very nice German site which offers book tips, links and much more.

Joar Addam Nessosin
This sleepy guy is Joar Addam Nessosin. Friend, Shadow Brother in the WoT world, Utopia player, FC-Bayern enemy, HSV fan. And he looks that exhausted only when Avina challenges him hard - when they play Diablo 2, War Craft 3, and Neverwinter Nights (THAT's how it´s called these days *winks*)

Maja is a very nice girl. And she´s also a cute girl, as the pics on her site clearly prove...

mONe (a.k.a. Tweety *laughs*), too, is a nice girl from the DVS and she, too, is someone I like counting among my friends.
nimue nimue is a charming lady with a huge library which even outshines mine.
Saargirl And another nice girl I consider a friend of mine.
SK1 Well, SK! receiving a place within my tower... there were times when both of us would have considered such a thing impossible... or I wouldn´t have let her out of my dungeon ever again , but times have, fortunately, changed, and we´re friends, now