I am not responsible for the web sites whose links you can find on my web site. Furthermore, I have no influence neither on their design, nor on their contents. I, for my part, hereby dissociate myself from them explicitly (as is legally stipulated). Any complaints are to be filed against the respective webmasters / webmistresses.
The same applies to the band links which are no longer accomodated here, but on the respective band page.

If someone wants to place a link to my web site, he / she can do so by means of either a simple text link or a banner link. If it is to be a banner link, please do it with this one:


Thanks to mONe1, who made this banner for me.

There is, however, one restriction I have to make. Principally, I donīt mind if someone links my site to his / hers. BUT:
I do NOT want my site to be linked to sites whose contents are right-wing extremist, left-wing extremist, Islamist, racist oder illegal.

One more thing: I'm sick and tired of sending my link requests in vain, i.e. no one answers me. Therefore, I no longer ask for link permission, and I link those pages which I like. In case someone doesn't like that - send me an email, and I'll remove the respective link a.s.a.p.!