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Devil Whiskey
Jon Starnes, Justin Binns and some other guys - including myself - try to develop our own computer role-playing game.
First of all, we try our hands on a 2-D traditional style game whose project title is The Devil Whiskey. Afterwards, we are planning to try to develop a 3-D game. Its project title is Dark Resurrection.
Schrippes Forum A forum where you can discuss about politics, but only in German.
Shifting Suns Studios, LLC Shifting Suns is the corporate entity that represents us - the developers of The Devil Whiskey. However, Shifting Suns will offer more than just game development.

Darkpleasure Radio
As FINSTERHAWK, I present my music shows for Darkpleasure Radio 2x a week. All data (broadcasting schedule, stream URL, IRC) can be obtained at the website I linked. The music played the station is so-called "dark music," i.e. metal, hard rock, gothic, (dark) wave, and stuff like that.