Of course, we, the magicians, don´t sit in our towers and read until the letters fall from the books or until we get blind. No, we also like travelling whenever possible, get to know lands we haven´t seen before and meet new people. It is natural that everyone has his own idea about vacations. Some lie on the beach for three weeks, others try their hands at dangerous things like kite surfing, bunjee jumping or para gliding. I am, for my part, in the middle, i.e. I don´t lie in the sun for the whole vacation time, nor do I do any extreme things. Instead, I explore the area to see as much as possible, take as many photos as possible and to tell as much as possible when I´m back home.
In my Travelogue, I will show, step by step, some of my favourite pics which were taken during my travels. This is just a small selection of my pics, because I have about a dozen photo albums, and they´re all (almost) full. And some of my pics show things which are only interesting for me, so my visitors would only be bored if I exhibited them here, too.