Baldurīs Gate Baldurīs Gate - Tales of the Sword Coast

Baldurīs Gate + Tales of the Sword Coast

System: PC
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Manufacturer: Black Isle
Publication year: 1998
You take over the part of the main character who has to leave Candle Keep. Gorion, the main characterīs tutor, accompanies you, because you are supposed to meet with two of Gorionīs acquaintances at Friendly Arms Inn. Yet, you are hardly out of Candle Keep when youīre attacked. You can flee... but Gorion is killed. Why was this raid conducted ?
Things had been silent with the genre of role-playing games for a long time when Black Isle scored a hit on the market: Baldurīs Gate. The graphical engine has been completely re-made; the isometric 3D perspective, which, until then, had only been known from shooters and RPGs on the PlayStation, was introduced on the PC. The battles are no longer turn-based, but take place in real-time. The rules are based on AD&D, and the game is located in the world of the Forgotten Realms; anyone who already knows early games like Pool of Radiance - a classic from the late 80īs - or plays AD&D during night-long tabletop sessions will have no problems to think himself into Baldurīs Gate. Beginners, wonīt have many problems, either, for the difficulty level increases slowly, and one os not confronted with impossible battles right away. Above all, however, Baldurīs Gate has what a good RG really is about - a very good story. For there is more behind the initial attack than just a raid of brigands and the death of a mage...
Tales of the Sword Coast offers new subquests in which more experience, gold and items can be gained to be even better equipped for the final fight.