Baldurīs Gate II - Shadows of Amn Baldurīs Gate II - Throne of Bhaal

Baldurīs Gate II - Shadows of Amn +
Throne of Bhaal

System: PC
Genre: Fantasy-RPG
Hersteller: Black Isle
Erscheinungsjahr: 2000
In a dungeon, you wake up as a prisoner of a certain Jon Irenicus. You want to get out of there. And, above all, you want to find out one thing: what, actually, does Irenicus want ?
This is, roughly, the main plot behind the Baldurīs Gate sequel. The story may be a bit simpler than in part one, but this is made up for by some new features. Now, you also fight dragons, and not only are these dragons huge, theyīre also pretty damn strong.
Then, you can go to a special blacksmith to whom you take certain ingredients from which he creates new and better items. However, itīs not easy to get these ingredients.
You can conquer a special type of fortress ans receive special benefits from it. And, like in part one, there are many optional subquests again.
Throne of Bhaal begins after the victory celebration. As indicated in the main game, the main character is a descendant of the god Bhaal, to whose thone can be acceded after several battles - or not.
All in all, Shadows of Amn is an outstanding sequel to Baldurīs Gate.