CyberStorm2 - CorpWars

CyberStorm 2 - CorpWars

System: PC
Genre: Strategy / Manager sim
Manufacturer: Sierra
Publication year: 1998
A worm hole that leads into the faraway Typhoeus stystem is discovered in the 4th millenium. There are some plantes on which mining can be conducted and huge amounts of raw materials can be extracted. 8 different industry companies fight for the monopoly in the Typhoeus system, and they do so with all means.
You take over the representation of one of these local companies. The manager parts consists in taking care of the raw material extraction, for there is no money without raw materials. And money is needed to upgrade and to protect your own base, but also to build your own army that consists of combat robots which are piloted by clones. And this army - and that is where the strategy part comes into play - is needed to defend your base, to go on special missions, to secure new mining areas - or to attack rival mines and bases. For you donīt eliminate your rivals by playing the stock exchange, but by eliminating the respective base.
You can choose between real-time battles an turn-based battles. I, for my part, prefer the turn-based battles, for I have huge problems with the real-time battles in CS 2. The game starts at a relatively easy level, but later on, some things become unfair. For example, your rival companies forge alliances, and that is something you cannot do - and itīs frustrating to see 12 or more enemy units marching against your mine or base, attacking you from 2, sometimes even 3 directions... whereas you are allowed to have 8 units only. Sometimes, several mines are attacked simultaneously, but you can only choose one mine to defend - the other mines that are under attack are normally lost. Or you defend yourself successfully against an enemy attack that costs your rival several million credits, and the very same rival, in the following round, stands at your gates and attacks you again - I have found no way, so far, that gives me a revenue of 2 million credits within one round. Unfortunately, these flaws spoil the overall impression of the game which, apart from these flaws, is good.