Diablo Diablo - Hellfire

Diablo + Hellfire

System: PC
Genre: Action
Manufacturer: Blizzard
Publication year: 1996
An unknown, evil power has overrun the country, plunged it into civil war and filled them with fear and dread. A mad king, his missing son, and a mysterious arch-bishop are a part of the mystery that has to be solved. The source of all evil lies in the town of Tristram, where only a handful of survivors are holding out. The local cathedral was once built on the ruins of an ancient monastery. And now, eerie lights and noises emerge from the deserted corridors.
The Diablo sound is wonderfully eerie, thus contributing to the atmosphere. The graphics, too, are okay.
You can choose between only 3 classes in the original game: warrior, huntress and wizard. The monk is added in the expansion set in which you do not only have to beat Diablo, but also the demon NaīKrul. I tried the warrior. And I must say that the skill to repair your equipment yourself is very useful. However what, please, does a warrior have to do with spellcasting ? It may be indeed useful to walk into a room in which there is a horde of skeletons that you can turn into ashes with 2, 3 fireballs or to prevent them from leaving the room by evoking a huge wall of fire - but this is rather a wizardīs skill than a warriorīs.
The item management is interesting. Every item takes up a certain amount of space in your bagpack, which is, sooner or later, full. Then, you will have to decide what you take with you, what you discard or what you sell. And this can be a pretty difficult decision...
The fights are okay, and some things require a little bit of tactical skills. Sheer butchering wonīt even do for a warrior.
When you advance to higher levels,attributes and skills are not automatically distributed. You hav to do it yourself. Thus, you can tailor your character to your own ideas.
You can also play in the Battle-Net with other players, but I didnīt try with Diablo 1.
All in all, itīs a good fantasy action game with RPG elements, but it needs to be improved in some points.