Die Halle der Weisheit - The Hall of Wisdom:
Freundschaft / Friendship

You´re the best friend
That I ever had
I´ve been with you such a long time.
You´re my sunshine. 
And I want you to know that 
My feelings are true. 
I really love you.
You´re my best friend.

Queen, "You´re my best Friend,"
(A Night at the Opera, 1975)
Friends will be friends -
When you´re in need of  love,
They give you care and attention.
Friends will be friends -
When you´re through with life
And all hope is lost:
Hold out your hand, cos
Friends will be friends
Right till the end.
Queen, "Friends will be friends,"
(A Kind of Magic, 1986)
When the sun got big,
And the night came down
We used to share a drink 
And let the demons out
We let the good times rock
You made the bad times roll
We used to laugh
You had a lot of soul
Old friends.. in better times
Roger Taylor, "Old Friends"
(Happiness ?, 1994)
True friends must be cherished
beyond all worldly measure,
for in our memory,
they shine brighter than gold
and last longer than diamonds.
David Farland, Wizardborn,
(The Runelords, Bd. / vol. 3)
Somewhere along the way
Friends I once held close
Fled the fast way !
I didn´t notice
I just had to make it
Queensrÿche, "Promised Land"
(Promised Land, 1994)
And still, she treats me like a human
She says she´ll still be there
I may not be a hero, but I´ll be there
´Cos I know she cares
Styx, "She cares,"
(Paradise Theater, 1981)
When it all comes down
And I´m feeling tired and afraid
You´re always there, and seem to come
When I´ve nothing left to give away

Queensrÿche, "When the Rain comes"
(Q2K, 1999)
Was für den Vogel die Kraft der Schwingen, das ist für den Menschen die Freundschaft - sie erhebt ihn über den Staub der Erde.
That which is the power of the wings to a bird is friendship to humans - it lifts them above the dust of earth.
Zenta Maurina (1897-1978),
lettische Schriftstellerin
Latvian author
Wer sich öffnet, kann verletzt werden.
Wer sich nicht öffnet, stumpft ab,
stirbt ab, ganz ohne Verletzung.
Those who open themselves can get hurt.
Those who don´t will get emotionally blunt,
die off, without getting hurt, at all.
Erhard Blanck (1942 - )
deutscher Schriftsteller und Maler
German author and painter