Die Halle der Weisheit - The Hall of Wisdom:
Politik und Sozialkritik / Politics and social criticism

And as you look all around
At the world in dismay
What do you see, 
Do you think we have learned ?
Not if you´re taking a look
At the war-torn affray
Out in the streets where
The babies are burned
Iron Maiden, "Blood Brothers"
(Brave new World, 2001)
Joey used to work after school
At the cinema show.
Gotta hustle if he wants an  education
He´s got a long way to go.
Now he´s out on the streets all day,
Selling crack to the people who pay
Got an AK-47 for his best friend
Business the American way.
Queensrÿche, "Empire"
(Empire, 1990)
Das Abendland geht nicht zugrunde an den totalitären Systemen, auch nicht an seiner geistigen Armut, sondern an dem hündischen Kriechen seiner Intelligenz vor den politischen Zweckmäßigkeiten.
The occident will neither perish because of totalitarian systems, nor of intellectual poverty, but because its intelligentsia sucks up to what is politically convenient.
Gottfried Benn (1886 - 1956)
deutscher Arzt und Schriftsteller
German doctor and author
Der Staat ist die große Fiktion, nach der sich jedermann bemüht, auf jedermanns Kosten zu leben.
The state is the grand fiction according to which everyone endeavo(u)rs to live at everyone´s expense.

Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850),
französischer Ökonom und Journalist
French economist and journalist
Wenn die Existenz der Nation nicht in Gefahr ist, ist der Krieg reiner Mord.
If the nation´s existence is not in danger, war is pure murder.
Kemal Atatürk (1881 - 1939),
türkischer Politiker
Turkish politician.
Religion and sex are powerplays.
Manipulate the people for the money
They pay - selling skin, selling God
The numbers look the same 
On their credit cards.
Queensrÿche, "Spreading the Disease"
(Operation: Mindcrime, 1988)
Don´t ever trust
Dont ever trust the needle
It lies

Queensrÿche, "The Needle"
(Operation: Mindcrime, 1998)
Seven years in power
The corporation claw
The rich control the media
The government, the law.
Queensrÿche, "Speak"
(Operation: Mindcrime, 1988)
No more war for your god
No more war for your race
It´s our world, it´s what we make it
Make it a better place
Iced Earth, "Consequences"
(Something wicked this way comes,
They have trained your boy to kill
And kill someday he will
They have trained your boy to die
And ask no questions why
Gary Moore, "Military Man"
(Run for Cover, 1985)
The system we learn says
We´re equal under law.
But the streets are reality
The weak and poor will fall.
Queensrÿche, "Speak"
(Operation: Mindcrime, 1988)
On the Senate floor they congregate
Many pockets lined with green
From those behind the scene
Yeah they take the bribe
Queensrÿche, "Sign of the Times"
(Hear in the Now-Frontier, 1997)
You can search the whole wide planet
Scratching in the mud and worms
But an "honest politician"
Is just a contradiction in terms
Roger Taylor, "The Keys"
(Happiness ?, 1994)
You can search the whole wide planet
Down to viruses and germs
But a "sensible" religion
Is just a contradiction in terms
Roger Taylor, "The Key"
(Happiness ? 1994)
Half-penny two-penny, ashes to dust
Almighty dollar says, "In God we trust"
Justice for money - how much more can I   pay ?
We all know it´s the American Way
Styx, "Half-Penny, Two-Penny"
(Paradise Theater, 1981)
My grandfather taught me how to fight.
Old fashioned stuff like wrong and right
But all around I see his morals
Buried in a mess of money troubles
Bruce Dickinson, "Born in 58"
(Tattoed Millionaire, 1990)
Harmless and innocent
You devil in white
You stole my will
Without a fight
You filled me with confidence
But you blinded my eyes
You tricked me with visions
Of a paradise, now I realize
That I'm so blind

Styx, "Snowblind,"
(Paradise Theater, 1981)
Die deutliche Sprache der Gewehre verstehen immer nur die Erschossenen.
The explicit language that guns speak is only understood by those who got shot dead.
Wolf Biermann (1936 - )
deutscher Liedermacher
German songwriter
Politicians say "no to drugs"
While we are paying for wars in South America.
Fighting fire with empty words
While the banks get fat, the poor stay poor, the rich get rich, the cops get paid to look away - that´s the one per cent that rules America.
Queensrÿche, "Spreading the Disease"
(Operation: Mindcrime, 1988)
Der Politiker ist ein Akrobat. Er hält das Gleichgewicht dadurch, dass er das Gegenteil von dem sagt, was er tut."
Politicians are acrobats. They maintain their balance by doing the opposite of what they say.
Maurice Barrès (1862 - 1923),
französischer Schriftsteller
French author
See the town´s ablaze and
TV´s live to show it´s burning.
All the while, the smiling juvenile
Is seeking for mercy.
I see these crimes all of the time.
When will they end ?
Queensrÿche, "Cuckoo´s Nest"
(Hear in the Now-Frontier, 1997)
Für Leute, die Macht haben, meine Herren, gibt es keine größere Sünde als vor der eigenen Verantwortung scheu zu werden.
Gentlemen, for those who have power, nothing is a bigger sin than shying at their own responsibility.
Pjotr Arkadjewitsch Stolypin (1862-1911),
russischer Premierminister
Russian prime minister
Der neue Faschismus wird nicht sagen: "Ich bin der neue Faschismus." Er wird sagen: "Ich bin der Antifaschismus."
The new fascism will not say, "I am the new fascism." It will say, "I am the anti-fascism."
Ignazio Silone (1900-1978),
italienischer Schriftsteller und Sozialist
Italian author and socialist
Die Strafe für Political Correctness ist die kollektive Gehirnerweichung.
The punishment for political correctness is the collective slump of the brains.
Norbert Bolz (1953 - ),
deutscher Philosoph und Theoretiker
German philosopher and theoretician